Students – 2010

Student, e-mail and blog Project
Amelia (Mia) Cole : miaco@
Interpersonal Communication/SMS
Amy Ginther : gintha@
Photo Project : SpottingTheCrazies
Andrew Yeung : yeunga@
Facebook In Iraq: An Interview With Frank
April Varnado : apper@ :
Carrie McBride : crm429@
Overview: Seattle Do-Gooder : The Seattle Do-Gooder
Catherine (Cammy) Yu : cammy216@
Food Blog : Scrumptious Crumb
Farida Nguyen : farida1@
Food Blog : I Love Seattle Sushi
Frankmell Gamboa  : fgamboa@
Irina Safaryan : irinauw@
Fashion Blog : LustMust
Jackki Wakefield : wakefj@
Video: Give A Damn Campaign
Jeannie (Regina) Ryder : ryderr2@
Jessica Joy Brown : jessibee@
Portfolio :
Josh Lackey :  joshla@
Music Review Blog : MusicSelector
Joshua Foster : fosterj@
Sports blog : Pac 12 Source
Kathleen Groen : groenk@
Krista Jean Meyer : kjmeyer@
Travel blog :
Krystal Gano : krystoe@ : No post : iPhone Apps
Marci Leigh MacIaszyk : marcim4@
Video: Distracted Driving
Marcy Whited Salo : salo9979@
Girl In Seattle : “Girl in Seattle
Maryellen Skelton : mskelton@
Personal : My Ideal Protein Blog
Megan Deambrosio : megan10@
Portfolio :
Meghan McKnight : memck2@ : Paper :  Starvin Marvin with a Cell Phone
Rowdy Sargent : rowdys@
Portfolio :
Soeun Soun : sos55@
No post: Video/Water Conservation
Stephanie Long : stephl26@
Movie Reviews : The Good, Bad and Disastrous of Filmmaking

Discussion Groups

Signup sheet

Week 6: Mia
Week 7: JoshuaF, Krista, Megan, Sean, Stephanie
Week 8:  Frank, Jackki, Marcy, Maryellen, Rowdy
Week 9: Amy, Cammy, Carrie, Irina, JoshL, Marci
Week 10:  Andrew, Farida, Jeannie, Jessica, Kathleen, Krystal, Meghan

This is the NEW schedule (due to snow closure week 8)

      Week 9 (week of 30 Nov): Frank, Jackki, Marcy, Maryellen, Rowdy + Amy, Cammy, Carrie, Irina Week 10 (week of 7 Dec): Andrew, Farida, Jeannie, Jessica, Kathleen, Krystal, Meghan + JoshL, Marci
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