assignment summary

Assignments – linked in your blogs as assignment.


wednesday assignment

Summary of in-class assignment from Monday


week 8 : project updates

Project updates from week 7 and week 8 as well as comments on classmate projects


week 7 : typography exercise

Summary of your thoughts about typography


typography exercise

REVISED: Wednesday 15 February : one blog post due Thursday at 7 pm (categorize as assignment)


week 6 – Twitter reflection

Per assignment in class, Wed 8 February:


projects summary

Summary of your projects posts:


Summary : Wikipedia assignment

Wikipedia edits (post-class submittals)

week 11 – projects

Where we laugh and have fun and learn about one another’s projects this quarter!


Week 9 – Project Updates

Grouped by small group (although some small groups split, I didn’t record those splits). From week 7 update

  1. papers : Frank, Mia
  2. videos : Andrew, Jackki, Marci, Sean
  3. portfolios : Jessi, Krista, Megan, MeghanRowdy
  4. food sites : Cammy, Farida
  5. review sites : Irina, Josh, Krystal, Marcy, Stephanie (may need sub-dividing)
  6. other sites :  Amy, Carrie, JeannieKathleen, Maryellen (may need sub-dividing)
  7. uncategorized: Joshua