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week 11 – wednesday



week 11 – convergence and the future of communication



week 11 readings

Reading summaries for the week (due 7 Dec at 9 am). Posts marked with (**) are recommended reads. (more…)

week 11 – presentation schedule

This presentation schedule was determined by the sign-up sheet in Wednesday’s class. Each student or student-pair will have 5-8 minutes to provide an overview of the quarter’s project: what you did, why, lessons learned. Powerpoints not required, but if you do create supporting material, please post to

  • MON: Abigail, Alana/Melissa, Alayna/Lauren, Ashley, David, Jay/Bryan, Kaarin, Kyle, Natalie, Rachelle
  • WED: Alisa, Andrew, Ivan, Kathleen, Keala, Liz, Lizeth, Michelle, Tara, Yana

week 11 – subject matter posts

Subject matter posts – the last one!

  1. (more…)

week 11 – discussion leader summary

Here’s everyone’s discussion leader presentation info with a link to both their presentation blog post and reflection (this part is in progress):


week 10 – wednesday

Today’s Agenda

  • What is the role of computer code in shaping social processes?
  • Technologies: smart phones, ubiquitous wifi, GoogleWave