week 10 – wrapping it up


  • Quiz (until 7:45)
  • Google Discussion
  • Short lecture
  • Evaluations
  • Lab


Google/Future discussion

  • How do we encourage more people to take an active role in creating and vetting shared content (i.e. contributing to and editing Wikipedia) and avoid free riding on the efforts of others?
  • What degree of exclusivity (“scarcity”) is necessary to sustain a capitalist democracy?
  • How has the use of internet technology re-shaped your education over the years, and where do you see it leading future generations? How might colleges and universities adapt to this new environment?
  • How has the gatekeeper role of the editor changed how you get your news? How important is it that your news, analysis and commentary be “edited” (spell-check, grammar-check, fact-check)?

Closing mini-lecture

Housekeeping/course evaluations

  • Use Dropbox folks! (Don’t send attachments to yourself – put docs in the cloud)
  • Grades on Google Doc (last 4 digits, if 0 = o)
  • Several requests for extra-credit opportunity. In 2s or 3s, if we were to have an EC opportunity = to one blog post, what should it be? Take 5, post as a comment on this post. I’ll review and decide while y’all are doing the evals
  • Need volunteer to collect and drop in mail


For Finals Week : Wed 14 March at 7:00 pm

  • Post to your blog (categorize as project): A short post promoting your project, with a properly formed hyperlink and good use of keywords : because blog pages do not (as a general rule) have RSS
  • Reflection (to catalyst) : An essay that reflects on the project: now that you have completed it, what would you d0 differently if you could start over? How well did you meet  your goals for success? What have you learned in the course of the project?  You must give examples (evidence, such as references to readings or other material covered in class). How will you apply these learnings outside the classroom? Length: 850-1000 words
  • The actual project (doh!)
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  1. Jasmina, Kimberly, Chris, Tim

    We think the extra credit should be a post of what you took away from this class. Are you going to pay attention to blogs more now? Are you going to keep your blog?

  2. Katie, Charles, Dana, Megan suggest for EC:
    1.) Search the web for ANY blog that you find to be well-done and of interest to you. Blog 500-600 words on why you feel it’s well done, what you like, what you don’t like, etc.
    2.) Blog 500-600 words about the relationship between blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Use what we’ve learned over the course of this quarter.

  3. Andrea, Meme, Chris, Tasha

    Write a post about how this class has impacted us, for example signing up for a Linkedin account? What changes we have made to our digital lives?

  4. Cheryl and I thought it would be interesting to look at the way technology will change our futures in our word and education.

  5. Glenn Doom

     /  7 March 2012

    Ava & Glenn
    Anything above and beyond the call of duty!
    For example, extra blog entries on our class blogs, extra comments on classmates’ blogs, if we read one of the readings Kathy crossed out.

    It all would all have to add up to a body of work similar to the required size of the reading responses.

  6. John and Doug – If you paid or are willing to pay for upgraded blog themes for your class blog or project.

  7. Zack, Graham, and Ben T.

    For extra credit we could:
    1. Write a blog post reflecting on this whole course.
    2. Create a youtube video of what we learned this quarter, like COM495 – Blogging in a nutshell.
    3. Add/Follow you on Facebook or Twitter…j/k


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