week 10 – how technology shapes the world


  • Housekeeping
  • Readings
  • Discussion leaders
  • How Technology Shapes The World (discussion)
  • Projects


Readings & Questions

Discussion Leaders




  • Final quiz
  • Lab : nominate your request for tips as a comment on this blog post

Wednesday 14 March, 7 pm (finals week)

  1. Post to your blog (categorize as project): A short post promoting your project, with a properly formed hyperlink and good use of keywords.
  2. Post to catalyst: An essay that reflects on the project: now that you have completed it, what would you d0 differently if you could start over? How well did you meet  your goals for success? What have you learned in the course of the project?  You must give examples (evidence, such as references to readings or other material covered in class). How will you apply these learnings outside the classroom? Length: 850-1000 words
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  1. So I gotta few questions on my mind…
    1. If my DJ partner is unwilling to pay for hosting and domain and since I’m on a budget, how much more can I do?
    2. How can I fill up space to fulfill the project requirements?

  2. Hi, Zach: WordPress.com is free; you don’t need the domain name (although it’s helpful). Without a domain name, you want to make the WordPress one as short and memorable as possible.

    From the syllabus: “Each project site must contain a minimum of five complete pages; one of them must be an “about” page that identifies the student (at least by first name). Social media integration is important as is visual design.”

    In your plan, you said: “The website should also include sections: about, pictures, videos, contact etc.” That’s what you need to do.


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