typography exercise

REVISED: Wednesday 15 February : one blog post due Thursday at 7 pm (categorize as assignment)

(1) Analyze the theme for your WP blog for this course. How many different type faces, sizes and styles?

(2) Regarding the lecture at Kane Hall, how have you changed how you think about type? What are some issues with type rendering on a computer screen (compared with paper)?

(3) What is the difference between a “font” and a “typeface”? Why do you think the terms are used¬†interchangeably?

(4) Visit several sites that sell typefaces (fonts). Pick one that expresses the image you would want to present professionally and one that expresses a personal image. (Name, link them). How are they different? Alike?


REVISION (sent to class mailing list)

When I posted this, I thought most of you would have time to work on it after the lecture, since it was over before 8.30 and our class normally runs until 9.20.

However, several of you were unable to get in. (I did warn y’all to get there a little early — people were still coming in and getting seats at 6.55.)

One suggestion has been made to watch this youTube video on Helvetica — that makes sense to me:

Because some of you have class tonight after work — I’m revising the due date to Monday morning (like reading posts). Given the extended time, I expect the assignments to be a little more fleshed out.

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