week 7 assignment

We are not having class on Monday 13 February so that students can work on their projects. However, there is an assignment due by 9.20 pm on Monday.


  1. Review the latest project status post from three of your peers. It can be anyone’s – it doesn’t have to be someone in your group.
  2. Give each one some feedback in a comment.
  3. Then blog about the experience. Include in the post links to the three comments and how thinking about the other projects has influenced your thinking about your own project. Categorize as “assignment” and upload via the submittal form (“something else”).

Projects Summary


Group 1:

  1. Ben Ryon, portfolio (feb 7)
  2. Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy, portfolio (feb 5)
  3. Charles Spurr, portfolio (feb 8)
  4. Chris Ainsley, portfolio (feb 8)
Group 2:
  1. John Guanlao, portfolio (feb 8)
  2. Megan Spurr, portfolio (feb 8)
  3. Meme Ellis, portfolio (feb 8)
  4. Tim Franklin, portfolio (feb 8)


Group 1:

  1. Andrea Wright,  Flickr (feb 8)
  2. Ava Sparrow, blogging (feb 6)
  3. Chris Cullen, Twitter (feb 8)
  4. Doug Havens, mobile/smartphones (feb 8)
Group 2:
  1. Emilee Sahli, Internet access, a human right? (feb 8)
  2. Kort Havens,  homeless, investigative project (feb 8)
  3. Tasha Martin, Facebook, critical analysis (feb 8)


  1. Glenn Smith, band (feb 8)
  2. Graham Keller, music/band (feb 8)
  3. Katie Hornung, The Yellow House, business (feb 8)
  4. Shelby Iverson, insurance, employer (feb 7)
  5. Zack Ui, DJ site, (feb 8)


Lifestyle Blogs

  1. Cheryl Kelly, LiveaboardCommunity, lifestyle blog (feb 4)
  2. Kimberly Noble, cooking partners, lifestyle blog (feb 8)
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