week 6 – Twitter

  • Housekeeping
  • Twitter : Microblogging versus long(er) form writing
  • Project : small groups


Twitter discussion

Project discussion

Things we will cover in future classes

  • Securing your domain name (there are ways other than through WordPress – but do NOT use GoDaddy!)
  • Using WP.com as a development space but deploy with self-hosted WordPress – how and why
  • For music (and maybe business) sites – long term you will probably want to move off WP.com because of theme considerations
  • For free hosting of audio files: SoundCoud.com

To help prep for Wednesday’s assignment:

  • Small groups: read your group member posts again. Develop one or two questions for each person – follow your instinct (don’t think too long/hard!). 10 minutes. [combine video and lifestyle blogs for this exercise]
  • Followed by small group discussion: each member gets 5 minutes to be peppered with question (or to ask questions of the group).
  • Project summary
  • Due Wednesday

Remember next week!

  • No class Monday – work on projects (there will be a specific assignment for that time period)
  • On Wednesday we are at Kane Hall for a lecture on typography (there will be a specific assignment for that time period, too)
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