week 5 – Facebook and projects

  • Housekeeping
  • Quiz
  • Facebook discussion
  • Project discussion
  • WordPress: widgets and Creative Commons


  • Remember to get the “live” URL to your posts! (close the sidebar)
  • Please check the assignment summary pages to make sure I have your posts: week 2, week 3, week 4, week 5 : if you have a post missing, use the upload form tonight.
  • Catalyst gradesheet coming (it wasn’t enabled)
  • Wikipedia summary sheet
  • Wed 15 Feb : we will attend the session at Kane Hall on typography (7-8:30) – Discussion Leader presentations shifted to week 9/10


Facebook discussion

  • How do we separate friends, family and colleagues on Facebook without offending them? And, how do we “un-friend” someone or decline an offer to “friend” without causing a rift?
  • When does it make sense to use Facebook as your “blog” instead of setting up another site?

Project discussion

WordPress Lab

  • Edit profiles [Users -> click on your name]
    • Complete name fields
    • Pick how your want to your name to appear when credited (must be something other than your log in)
    • Upload a photo to Gravatar : see Emilee’s profile (again) that is at the foot of each of her posts
  • More tags on posts – this is my last nag but you will lose points on blog appearance if you don’t do this!
  • Create Creative Commons License (for sidebar widget or about page or both)
  • Widgets tutorial

For next week

  • Last chance for open ended questions for first half of the quarter
  • Comprehensive blog post on your project due Wednesday
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  1. Tips for managing Facebook:

    * Group into categories to manage access to info
    * Decide whether you want to limit your expression or limit the groups
    * Not been friends with just anyone, just real friends
    * Google widget – eternal sunshine – hides the feed of the person you don’t want to see content form
    * Don’t get a FB account
    * Use common sense
    * Be a cold-hearted person
    * Just ignore them
    * Have two accounts (against TOS)
    * Customize sharing using FB’s privacy option
    * Manage people by using alternative digital social networks, like G+ or MySpace or Twitter or LinkedIn
    * Change your settings to not be tagged automagically!! (or checked in)

  2. Missing post! Not sure if this is the forum you were talking about in the instructions.



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