projects summary

Summary of your projects posts:

I’m grouping them into affinities for collaboration/discussion


Group 1:

  1. Ben Ryon, portfolio (jan 25)
  2. Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy, portfolio (jan 26)
  3. Charles Spurr, portfolio (jan 25)
  4. Chris Ainsley, portfolio (jan 25)
Group 2:
  1. John Guanlao, portfolio (jan 30)
  2. Megan Spurr, portfolio (jan 25)
  3. Meme Ellis, portfolio (jan 29)
  4. Tim Franklin, Flickr (jan 25)


Group 1:

  1. Andrea Wright,  Flickr (jan 29)
  2. Ava Sparrow, blogging (jan 30)
  3. Chris Cullen, Twitter (jan 30) and Twitter (jan 30)
  4. Doug Havens, mobile/smartphones (jan 29)
Group 2:
  1. Emilee Sahli, Internet access, a human right? (jan 30)
  2. Kort Havens,  homeless, investigative project (jan 30)
  3. Tasha Martin, Facebook, critical analysis (jan 30)


  1. Glenn Smith, band (jan 29)
  2. Graham Keller, music/band (jan 30)
  3. Katie Hornung, The Yellow House, business (jan 30)
  4. Shelby Iverson, insurance, employer (jan 28)
  5. Zack Ui, DJ site, (jan 25)


Lifestyle Blogs

  1. Cheryl Kelly, LiveaboardCommunity, lifestyle blog (jan 29)
  2. Kimberly Noble, cooking partners, lifestyle blog (jan 30)
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  1. So I gotta few questions on my mind…
    1. If my DJ partner is unwilling to pay for hosting and domain and since I’m on a budget, how much more can I do?
    2. How can I fill up space to fulfill the project requirements?

  2. Glenn Doom

     /  5 March 2012

    I’m having a hard time getting featured images to show up on my Twenty Eleven theme. I totally need help with this. I’m thinking it has something to do with images sizes.

    I’d also like to know how to make post backgrounds transparent.

    I had a third question, but I can’t remember right now cause Zack is distracting me. I love you Zack.

  1. week 5 – Facebook and projects « Digital Communication Technologies
  2. week 6 – Twitter « Digital Communication Technologies

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