week 5 – wikipedia and facebook

  • Housekeeping
  • Editing Wikipedia
  • Discussion Leader presentations and class discussion
  • Project discussion (Wed)
  • WordPress: widgets and Creative Commons (Web)
  • Quiz (Wed)


Editing Wikipedia

  • I’ll walk through what we are going to do
  • Then you will do it! I encourage everyone to pair up, help one another.


1.Log in to Wikipedia and to WordPress.com
2.Open Paint (Windows image editor in accessories)
3.Take a screen capture of the article that shows what you want to edit (alt+print screen) and the reference list. Paste into Paint. Save as jpg (where you can find it later!)
4.In a different window or tab, access your edit notes (your blog post)
5.Select “edit section” (if that’s an option)
6.Make the changes (copy and paste your text)
7.Use the citation tool to make your reference
8.Preview; note changes and save
9. Take a screen capture of your edit and new reference list
10. Edit your blog post; add the images to the bottom of the post

Discussion Leaders:

For Discussion (from your questions)

  • Benjamin: it is suggested that the lines between mass and interpersonal communication, in the era of social networking sites, are being blended rather than blurred.  If this is the case, how do you think sites like YouTube or Facebook, or even the internet itself, would make our lives look if this were not true, that is, if the lines were becoming more and more blurred?
  • Cheryl: How do we separate frends, family and colleagues on Facebook without offending them? And, how do we “un-friend” someone or decline an offer to “friend” without causing a rift?
  • Chris C: In what ways are the standards of communication altered by Facebook? (think events calendar, status updates VS calling someone on the telephone)
  • John: How does trust develop when anyone could have a fake profile?
  • Tasha: Why do you think that Facebook keeps changing its Privacy Settings?
  • Tim : What steps do you take to make your Facebook or social media website less “Public”

End of class

  • Before you leave: comment on this post reflecting on the Wikipedia editing experience; remember to submit your Wikipedia blog post using the submit form.
  • Before WE : pick one of these questions above and respond to that person on their post. (Each Q is linked on the week 5 post summary page)
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  1. shelbyiverson

     /  30 January 2012

    The Wikipedia editing experience was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be. I have to admit that at first I was more worried about the process of editing itself rather than finding the actual portion of an article that I was going to edit. Overall, I think that everything went smoothly and now I know how to make edits, and show others to make edits for future Wikipedia postings.

  2. I actually may end up going back to the page I edited and completely revamping the description section because I found it to be so badly written. I was relieved that adding the citation was as easy as it was because I had seen the source for a Wikipedia page and I figured we were going to be writing a wall of code.

  3. I was surprised at how easy editing Wikipedia was. I’ve tried it the past and been stumped. I’m glad I’ll be able to do this easier in the future.

  4. ckelly12

     /  30 January 2012

    I think updating Wikipedia could become a bit addicting. It’s empowering and enjoyable to see your edits and additions published. It’s definitely not WSIWG, though!

  5. benryon

     /  30 January 2012

    I felt a bit empowered to keep going in terms of editing Wikipedia. It seems I’m checking out some random, silly thing on Wikipedia at least once a day, and I don’t know why I haven’t taken the time to update or expound on things when I’m on there. It’ll be more of a conversation of a very freaking smart person instead of what it seems like, which is really intellectual robbery of a intellectual Goodwill. Now, I can donate.

  6. I initially had a difficult time trying to find an article or one aspect of an article that was incorrect and needed to be changed. After talking it over with a few people i found that Wikipedia editors are required to fix errors within 24 hours of their posting which made it an exponentially more daunting task. While at work I actually assessed an inconsistency in an article about my company by checking an internal document and then i found public articles corroborating it. I have never posted a change to wikipedia before and now realize how easy it to make changes to pages. This possesses an interesting question, how accurate is the information on wikipedia if users can change it. All in all i found it to be a new and interesting learning experience.

  7. After finally learning how to properly edit wikipedia pages I can tell you I am going to be doing a lot of damage…I gotta a lot to say and I am going to make sure it’s all going to be said now.

  8. PhotoDensity

     /  30 January 2012

    Posting to Wikipedia was not as complicated as I was expecting. It was somewhat difficult attempting to find a section of an article to edit though. Overall the experience taught me to not be satisfied with the information I read in Wikipedia articles, and in the future if i see a section that requires editing or a citation, I won’t be hesitant to make the necessary changes

  9. I was surprised at how easy it is to change content on Wikipedia once you have learned the steps. I don’t know that I will necessarily edit a lot of articles on Wikipedia in the future, but I’m glad to have experienced this process. I previously thought that it was a lot easier to edit Wikipedia and doubted the credibility of Wikipedia more. It has been useful learning about the editing and fact checking process that goes in to the submissions to Wikipedia.

  10. Wikipedia Reflection:
    I am excited that I am no longer just a user of information on Wikipedia, but I am now contributing facts and information. After this class, I am more confident in my skills to be an active member of web 2.0. It’s fun to be active on Wikipedia. Time to update my Facebook status showing how I am a contributing to the process.

  11. While editing a section of a Wikipedia article was easier than I anticipated, I don’t think it will be something I do on a regular basis. In fact, I’ll probably never do it again, mainly because I don’t care enough about a certain topic to ensure that its Wikipedia article is accurate and up-to-date at all times. I can see how people would, though, especially those who are “experts” in certain fields, or those who are extremely passionate about something and just can’t stand the fact that there is missing or incorrect information.

  12. I feel like we enriched the web by updating Wikipedia pages. I’ve updated Wikipedia before, but it was for work. Now that I have my own personal account, I might just update some other pages. I enjoyed being able to use my expertise, get a source to back me up, and share my knowledge with the word-wide-web.

  13. It was really fun learning how to edit Wikipedia. I am interesting in writing and editing scholarly materials and so this is a really interesting platform to explore these interests. This method is very similar to how I worked with my editing group in the Washington Undergraduate Law Review – a peer-edited publication.

  14. This was the first editing of Wikipedia I’d have ever done. After first going through Kathy’s slides I was a bit overwhelmed but it was actually a lot more simple than I thought it would be. I’ll probably read wiki a little more closely and maybe fix a few things that I know are incorrect. I wonder how easy it would be to create a whole page. I’ll probably do one about myself and fill it with lies.

  15. johnguanlao

     /  30 January 2012

    Editing a Wikipedia page was a lot less stressful than I thought it would be. The company I work for has been constantly asking me to create a Wikipedia page for their brands, but I never knew until now. However, with as much info that I now know about references and credentials, I’ll probably get someone else to collect the content while I just format the Wikipedia page. It’s seems like it would be easy to find a credible source through Google, but sometimes the littlest details to verify are the most difficult to comb through.

  16. I thought it was really easy and user friendly to make edits to Wikipedia which also made it VERY scary. The editor has FULL CONTROL over what “credible” source they are going to use and it is up to the readers to actually make sure that the source is valid in their opinion. On a more positive note, if you are passionate about a subject or person and you see something entered that is completely off from the truth, there is an easy fix for that!

  17. I thought the editing of wiki was great. I don’t do it very often, so I can see why people would get confused (the having to click on CITE before clicking what option you want (website, journal, book, etc) – so the visuals were helpful. I would have loved more info on the code in the back-end, that is the guts that I nerd out about!

  18. Coming from someone who had no experience with wikipedia, I feel like I have really accomplished something constructive and positive. I made a edit to a wikipedia article. Woo Hoo!!! That’s awesome in my book. Look out world—I’m on my way.

  19. With the Wiki edit we did today, I found it a little confusing. I actually choose a page that was locked and not able to edit. Which meant I had to edit the talk page to request that the page be updated to include my finding about the gun Earnest Hemingway used to commit suicide.
    This made it difficult for me to actually do the assignment. I wish that I would have figured out in advance and noticed what the different symbols meant. I just never use Wikipedia, so I didn’t know better….

  20. Wikipedia is a piece of cake, but I most likely will never edit an article again. I don’t put that much trust into Wikipedia besides it being a reference tool, so I don’t think it’s worth my time, and small area of knowledge, to subject users to my know-how. I understand that the more people that use and contribute the more breadth and depth to the overall subjects, and for that I am grateful to contributors.

  21. Glenn Doom

     /  30 January 2012

    So! Editing Wikipedia was fun. I edited the article on a guitar-playing technique called ‘palm muting.’ The first paragraph had a misleading description of the palm muting method, along with about five or six grammatical errors, like missing commas and the like.

    I’m proud of myself for helping all aspiring palm muters, who use the Wikipedia “palm mute” page to learn how to do it, or what it is, to have a chance to learn the technique more correctly.

    The actual process of editing Wikipedia pages is a bit daunting. Kathy had to manually type in my reference HTML, because a certain button on the page wasn’t working. There are clearly nuts and bolts to figure out.

    The fact that I can be a part of the biggest current knowledge-storage phenomenon, making it better, is a bit inspiring. I’m glad Kathy had us do this. It’s empowering. It takes this big huge thing and makes it more accessible to us young people with all our revolutionary ideas and stuff.

  22. I felt accomplished after completing my Wikipedia edit and as though I contributed to society in some small way today! After this lesson, I’ll be sure to check Wikipedia articles I come across for clean-up icons and when the last revision was done. I now know how simple it is to make a quick edit that can benefit many.

  23. The Wikipedia editing experience was better than I anticipated. I was very intimidated initially at even finding something worthy to edit in the first place and feeling that others would believe to be worthy of their time reading. I have to say I would like to do it again. I feel as if I have some kind of accomplishment and could be worthy to complete this process again!


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