week 3 – ethics, copyright and other laws

  • understanding what we can and can’t do as personal publishers
  • Discussion Leader presentations


  • Be sure to submit posts via the GoogleForm. On time. Please do not put anything in the URL field except the URL with the format http://
  • Reading post tips:
    • Proofread.
    • Use your return key.
    • Reference the reading you are responding to.
  • Reading posts of note (week 2) : Ben, Charles, Kort, Meme, Tim
  • Reading posts of note (week 3) : Charles, Cheryl, Glenn, Megan, Shelby


Discussion Leaders

Discuss format : round-robin or front-of-the-room?


  • Limiting access to content by IP address
  • Why is parody exempt? What makes something a parody?
  • PIPA/SOPA : Net Response : Anonymous


  • Anatomy of a blog post
anatomy of a blog post

Anatomy of a Blog Post

  • Edit your blogs:
    • MORE TAG : use it!!
    • ABOUT PAGE : edit!!
  • Grace period on blog posts not shared on Google doc ends tonight. The link is in the sidebar: Blog Post Submittal.
  • Blog post headlines: no more “week 3 this” or “reading that” — be creative and descriptive
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