week 2 readings

Each week, be sure to provide info about your blog post [remember: full url of the public post] using the Google form. Where is the form located?

  1. Andrea
  2. Ava Sparrow
  3. Ben Ryon
  4. benjamin thomas-kennedy
  5. Charles Spurr
  6. Cheryl Kelly
  7. Chris Ainsley
  8. Chris Cullen
  9. Dana Myers
  10. Doug Havens
  11. Emilee Sahli
  12. Glenn Smith
  13. Graham Keller
  14. Jasmina Ljutic
  15. John Guanlao
  16. Kathryn Hornung
  17. Kimberly Noble : blog home: linked to WP Admin
  18. Kort Havens
  19. Megan Spurr
  20. Meme Ellis
  21. Shelby Iverson
  22. Tasha Martin
  23. Tim Franklin
  24. Zack Ui : blog home: linked to blog not post
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  1. Glenn Doom

     /  11 January 2012

    I agree that the third reading assignment was the hardest to read. “Blogging as Social Action” was definitely the one I latched onto too.

    If I may be so bold, I’d like to offer a new perspective on the question of why people give a shit about Facebook and Twitter: they’re not doing it for any concrete reason. Asking people why they do it is kind of the wrong question. It’s like asking why people talk to one another in the hallway and ask how each other are doing. It’s your friends (presumably), you act like you care, and you have the benefit of not having to react to whatever bullshit they post if you don’t want to, cause it’s not face to face.

    I do it. I try not to make my posts about stupid b.s. Other people are total drama queens and publish stuff that they would say because that’s what they think they’re doing, as Kathy said today in class. It’s totally addicting in a way I can’t put my finger on, but that’s cause that’s the kind of person I am.

    It’s also not necessary to use it regularly to understand it and to be in the know of what people are talking about. One or two uses is enough with FB or Twitter, unless it actually interests you and you want to delve deeper.

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