week 10 – how technology shapes the world


  • Geek Speak
  • The Persuasive Post, part three
  • Course Blogs (needed before next Monday)

Geek Speak

Technology and Culture

Lab: Blog Checklist

  • Content on your about page
  • CC license on your about page
  • Sidebar navigation: archives by month and category
  • Pages links either in main or sidebar navigation
  • Design is easy on the eyes, easy to read
  • Blog posts use “more” tag (jump) so that headlines are easily scannable
  • In addition to a link, embed your Slideshare presentation in your discussion leader post!

    embed slideshare in wordpress.com

    How To Embed Slideshare In WordPress.com

Persuasive posts from student spreadsheet

  1. Amy
  2. Andrew
  3. Carrie
  4. Cammy
  5. Farida
  6. Irina
  7. Jackki
  8. Jeannie
  9. Jessi (don’t see on your blog)
  10. JoshL
  11. JoshuaF
  12. Kathleen
  13. Krista
  14. Krystal¬†(don’t see on your blog)
  15. Marci
  16. Marcy
  17. Maryellen
  18. Megan
  19. Meghan
  20. Mia
  21. Rowdy
  22. Sean
  23. Stephanie¬†(don’t see on your blog)
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