week 9 – a culture of sharing – wed

User-generated content: why, what and how?


  • Geek Speak
  • Reading Discussion
  • The Persuasive Post, part two
  • Projects


Geek Speak

  1. Amy : Toms Shoes
  2. Carrie : Text2Donate
  3. Frank
  4. Jackki : GroupOn
  5. Maryellen : Cellphones

Reading Discussion

  • How often do you watch local TV news? Listen to the radio?
  • How would virtual classrooms be an advantage to students and teachers and how would it inhibit learning?
  • Where do you look for answers to questions? (See Kathleen’s post)
  • Bagdikian and WikiLeaks (Jay Rosen YouTube clip as resource)
  • How does Hulu fit into Jenkin’s model — 1) Innovative, 2) Convergent, 3) Everyday, 4) Appropriative, 5) Networked, 6) Global, 7) Generational and 8) Unequal
  • Henry Jenkins on appropriation and the Obama graphic

From Jenkins, via Carrie

  1. Technology is bringing us together and leading to a greater understanding between cultures; and
  2. Technology is causing fundamentalism to rear its ugly head, further dividing the cultures of the world.

In many parts of the world, globalization is synonymous with Americanization (#1) and because of this, there’s a backlash of fundamentalism by those who do not want to assimilate.

And some more good reads

The Persuasive Post

  • You’ll pair up
  • ID elements from the posts you picked on Tuesday – why did they work for you?
  • Brainstorm – pitch your post to your partner – partner asks questions of clarification; swap

Draft ideas (remember, they need to relate to class topics)


Updates here

  • Go create the new WordPress site for your project.* Now! Pick a theme that might work. Add a link to this new blog to your latest project update post. (15 minutes)
    * If you are doing a video, create a *page* on your current blog for the project.
    * If you are doing a paper, you can use “page” or “new blog” – your call.
  • Recommendation: block from search engines while you are in development — no need to make “private” if you select this from “settings -> privacy”
  • Questions for Kathy : explain why we “tag” blog posts in addition to putting them in “categories”
  • Small group for brainstorming, help
  • Project URLs

Making Up Last Week

  • During the next week, read and comment on five posts from last week (readings related to last week).
  • Blog post by 9 am Finals Week: ID the five posts you read and describe what you learned or agreed with or disagreed with. Were there common themes? What questions were raised by reading these different points of view
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