week 9 – a culture of sharing (podcasting and YouTube)

User-generated content: why, what and how? (Thursday we’ll tackle this week’s readings)


  • Housekeeping
  • Geek Speak
  • Lecture/Discussion
  • The Persuasive Post
  • Projects


Interesting posts:

Geek Speak (a few tonight, the remainder Thursday)

  1. Amy : Toms Shoes
  2. Cammy : The Happy Hour App (Tu)
  3. Carrie : Text2Donate
  4. Frank
  5. Irina (Tu)
  6. Jackki : GroupOn
  7. Marcy : FourSquare (Tu)
  8. Maryellen
  9. Rowdy : Facebook (Tu)

Discussion leader reflections:



UGC: wikis, delicious, Intersect

The Persuasive Post

Persuasion : “sales” (ideas or widgets)

Key elements:

  1. The point: why are you writing the essay
  2. Argument: statements that reinforce your point (opinion)
  3. Evidence: statements that support your argument (facts: statistics, research, quotes, etc.)
  4. Call to action: the close


Your persuasive post:

  • In lab tonight, identify 2-3 examples of good persuasive writing. Post to your blog. This is this week’s subject matter post.
  • By Thursday, identify your topic (a persuasive post on some aspect of blogging, eg, design, ethics, transparency, marketing, wordpress v blogger, etc.) and find 2-3 sources of evidence. Prepare a draft or outline post. You’ll pair up in class and brainstorm. Finalize the post by <pick date with class> Monday at 9 am.


Making Up Last Week

  • During the next week, read and comment on five posts from last week (readings related to last week).
  • Blog post by 9 am Finals Week: ID the five posts you read and describe what you learned or agreed with or disagreed with. Were there common themes? What questions were raised by reading these different points of view?
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