week 7 – moving beyond the blog: flickr

This Week’s Topics:

  • Using and images (yours and those produced by others)
  • Technologies: flickr

Today’s Agenda

  • Housekeeping
  • Geek Speak 2
  • Discussion: YouTube, Flickr and text integration
  • Projects


  • Subject Matter Posts: Revision — one/week with only TWO extra posts. If you have already completed three (a handful) those will be EC. If you have missed more than one week, you can complete up to three extra posts but they cannot be posted all the same week!
  • Labs: when labs are subject-matter posts, we work on the post in-lab. For example, next week we will do the persuasive post.
  • Labs: other labs are skills-focused, like the Creative Commons licensing post and today’s Flickr search post.
  • Class points – updated (Note: if you haven’t input your data on the input spreadsheet, it’s not on the gradesheet)
  • Links: Remember to link to public pages, not pages with wp-admin in the URL!
  • Blog post: Remember to use the “more” tag to show more posts on your home page!
  • Reminder: no class Thursday but the lab is available if you’d like to use it



  • Megan – Who in class uploads videos? why or why not?
  • Mia – What do you think will be the next generation of user-generated content?  Will it go beyond video, audio, and the written word?
  • Stephanie – Should quantity or quality count more in social media world? why?

Reading posts of note:


Skills Lab

  • Flickr (demo finding CC licensed content – no assignment)
  • Domain Names – how to register and how to link to WordPress.com (demo – pairnic.com)
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