week 6 – the legal environment


  • Ethics, copyright and other laws
  • Should bloggers adhere to a code of ethics?
  • What about privacy?


  • Housekeeping
  • Lecture/Discussion
  • Geek Speak
  • Lab


  • Reminder: please paste your reading and subject matter posts on the Google spreadsheet (blogroll -> your input)
  • I’m still catching up – will have feedback on projects and gradesheet (transposed from your spreadsheet) updated by the end of the week.



  • Jackki: why aren’t more bloggers and web users taking accountability (fact checking, copyrighting, etc.) for their work?
  • Jeannie: what constitutes a public space online versus a personal space?
  • Kathleen: What political blogs were helpful in your quest for determining your choice of candidates and what were they?
  • Marci: How is Facebook like an open network and how is it like a closed network?
  • Marci: “What do you think Colin meant when he said, “Blogs shortcircuit the traditional way media gets news to the public.”
  • Mia: How do we reconcile the differences between how we present ourselves online, and how we present ourselves in person?
  • Sean: As more laws are considered on issues pertaining to regulating the World Wide Web, where will it take us in terms of blogging?


For Next Week

  • I’ll introduce you to the persuasive blog post
  • We’ll talk about projects
  • We’ll have serious Geek Speak!

Modifications to Geek Speak:

Week 9: Amy, Cammy, Carrie, Irina, JoshL, Marci
Week 10:  Andrew, Farida, Jeannie, Jessica, Kathleen, Krystal, Meghan

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