week 5 – social networking – th

Framing: Why networks matter; open versus closed communities


  • Overview/Lecture/Discussion: Colin Lingle
  • Class Lab/Assignment


Possible Discussion Questions – Kathy

  • How would you feel if all social networks open their walls and connected with other networks?
  • What do you think the next great social networking tool will look like?
  • How long will you hold on to your Facebook account and what are your reasons for this decision?
  • What are the benefits of having more of the contemporary journalists such as bloggers and twitterers rather than the the more traditional journalists?
  • After reading Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody and his discussion of email “publishing,” how do you think your email habits will change?
  • Given the growth of Facebook to all corners of the world, as seen in the O’Reilly Radar article, how reliable is Facebook as a news source? Why should (or shouldn’t) it be utilized for news stories?

Possible Discussion Questions – students

  • Jessi: What will the “calligraphy” of the media be, as the old institutions fade?
  • JoshL: What sorts of advertisements would get you to click on a link in FB and why? If you follow products, brands, celebrities, etc. on Facebook, what sorts of things do you follow and why? If you don’t, why not?
  • Kathleen: How might web based programs allow for improved access and ease of functionality within the work environment?
  • Mia: What are your thoughts on computer-mediated-communication? and How has text-based communication improved our personal relationships?
  • Sean: Looking at how fast technology is advancing, how will video conferencing affect business travel and face-to-face meetings?

Possible examples:

Class Lab/Assignment

  • Using keywords from your project subject, search the following sites and then write a post comparing the results. How are the networks similar and different?
  • Facebook – search syntax in Google or Bing: <keywords site:facebook.com>
  • Delicious search – put your keywords in the search box
  • Twitter (Advanced Search link) – recommended search: put your keywords in “Any of these words” text box

For Next Week

  • Will introduce the persuasive post – analytical + call to action
  • Remember: no class next Thursday
  • Reminder: discussion questions should be open-ended! Most were not this week; I re-wrote them.
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