week 4 : organizational communication in a digital world


  • How are digital technologies, like blogs, changing how politicians, governments, businesses and non-profit organizations communicate with their core constituencies?
  • How do digital publics differ from traditional media publics?


  • Housekeeping
  • Lecture/Discussion
  • Lab


  • November 18th class (poll)
  • Discussion Leader (starts week 6 – signup was due by Friday : need you to finalize topics!)
    (missing Krystal – week 6 or 10 available – list on student page)
    Week 6: Amelia, Amy, Jeannie, Meghan
    Week 7: Joshua, Krista, Megan, Sean, Stephanie
    Week 8:  Frank, Jackki, Marcy, Maryellen, Rowdy
    Week 9: Cammy, Carrie, Irina, Josh, Marci
    Week 10:  Andrew, Farida, Jessica, Kathleen

Interesting posts this week:

Analytical Post

Question post (remember: open-ended, not closed)



  • Our guest speaker Peg Achterman stated that people are willing to get breaking news quicker even if it is a rumor or unverified than to get it later and verified as accurate and truthful. What are the ethics of posting news as factual if you have not gone through the due dilligence of fact checking? Why might people post without checking?
  • To get factual, relevant news which is better: one-to-one communication or one-to-many? Why?
  • At what point should professional journalists and news broadcasters be given sole reporting authority for a story?
  • How is it that the United States is so far behind the curve in SMS technology use?


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