week 3 – journalism in a digital world

Framing Question: How are digital technologies, like blogs, changing how consumers get news and opinion?


  • Housekeeping
  • Lecture/Discussion
  • Lab


Posts of note this week:



  1. How do you prefer to get your daily dose of news and how have your preferences changed over time?
  2. If you prefer to get your news online, which websites or blogs do you frequent and why?
  3. How do you think the demand for personal, in-the-moment news could change the quality of news?
  4. What are the benefits of allowing individuals to comment on articles online? What are the drawbacks?
  5. Considering there has been a cycle in American history of news going from small scattered sources (19th century) to major corporate sources (20th century) to once again smaller and more diverse sources (21st), what, if anything, could cause the eventual demise of blog-style reporting?
  6. How important is it that a friend recommend a news item (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.)?

Lab: The Analytical Post

  • Moving in that direction already, see AmeliaFrankJeannie, Marci
  • And the next one will be the persuasive post, and Amy is already moving in that direction

Design Analysis
Examine the theme choices for the two people “above” and “below” your name on the student list (total of four). What are the similarities and differences in the designs? How easy is it to read the posts? Why? Which theme (design) do you like the best and why? Be sure to link to each of the four blogs! Next week, we’ll talk more about design principles.

This is your subject matter post for the week.

Due MONDAY at 6 pm.


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  1. kegill2

     /  19 October 2010

    * Lots of links to other items that support the article
    * Talked about a subject with supportive links – provided both sides
    * Point of view
    * Layout – subheads make easy to digest
    * Writing is easy to read
    * Leave comments and subscribe box, social links (share me!)
    * Structure of 4th reading troublesome – split screen – too many options


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