Week 1 – Introductions and Context – TH


  • Housekeeping
  • A brief history of the Internet and blogging
  • Discuss Readings
  • Lab
  • For Next Week


Lecture/Reading Discussion

  • MultiMedia
    • Clip from Desk Set (1957, 4’00″)
    • GeekSpeak: Ethan Zuckerman on The History of The Internet (6’52″)
    • EPIC 2015 (8’56”)
  • Two influences of digital technologies: collapse of time and space; trace through reporting of disasters:
    • Lisbon earthquake, 1755, 60K died, months for news to spread, brief mention in NY and Boston
    • Indonesian Tsunami, 2004, ~200K died from the tsunami, minutes for news to spread, global response
    • Haiti earthquake, 2010, ~230K died, seconds for news to spread, unprecedented fundraising: American Red Cross raised a record US$7 million in 24 hours when they allowed people to send US$10 donations by text messages
  • Third influence of digital technologies: perfect copies
  • What technological changes have occurred since Fidler wrote his book in 1997?
  • From the article 10 Tips On Writing the Living Web, which rule is most beneficial to you and why? (small group discussion)



For Next Week

  • Reading post due 9 am Tuesday
  • Group Project For Next Thursday: Read the two arguments. Group one (students whose names are associated with an “odd” number on the student page), come prepared to argue Nick Carr’s proposition. Group two (students whose names are associated with an “even” number on the student page), come prepared to argue Scott Rosenberg’s points. We’ll do a pro/con discussion as part of our examination of hypertext, the glue that holds the web together.
  • Next week, I’ll introduce you to the link post. We’ll also have a guest speaker talking about community.
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