week 11 – wednesday



  • Show & Tell:
    Alisa, Ivan, Kathleen, Keala, Liz, Lizeth, Michelle, Rachelle, Tara, Yana
    * Complete a feedback form for each presenter; please return to me before leaving class
    * Compare celebrity tweets: TwitterCounter, TweetStats –The_Real_Shaq, BritneySpears, AplusK
  • Tools – Hosts (read the small print!)
    * Typepad (different CMS)
    * BlueHost (WP)
    * Fatcow (WP)
    * HostGator (WP)
    * Site5 (WP)
  • Class reflection (thinking about final essay)
    * What skills did you develop reading/writing in this course that you can use in “the real world”?
    * Thinking back to the beginning of the course, what’s one thing you’ll take with you into future classes/work and what’s one thing where you changed your mind?
    * If you could do one thing over this quarter, what would it be and why?
    * For me: one thing you wish we’d spent more time (or any time) on


  • Reminder: Blog conformance by Monday
    • Navigation /must/ include archives, pages and categories
    • All posts /must/ be categorized
    • About page /must/ include some personal information (at least first name and blog is for this course)
    • There /must/ be a creative commons license in the navigation panel or on the about page
  • Final Project:
    • Due next Monday at 1.30 pm, summarize project in a blog post and link to the project
    • Link to the website or blog if it was a stand-alone project
    • If your project is a research paper, either create a stand-alone blog for the paper or create a page (or series of pages) on your blog
  • Final Essay:
  • Peer Interaction:
    • Your second comment log is due next Monday at 1.30 pm via email; please put “comment log” in the subject line or create as Google Doc and add me (kegill@ – thanks, Lizeth!)
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