week 10 – wednesday

Today’s Agenda

  • What is the role of computer code in shaping social processes?
  • Technologies: smart phones, ubiquitous wifi, GoogleWave


Discussion Leaders: Jay and Michelle (joint)We Know Where You Sleep (privacy)

  • Seattle Times and GoogleWave (pdf, WiredPen, Twitpic – warning)
  • Your questions
    * * What classes (if any) were available in high school that prepared you for creating content on the web? What should we be teaching in H.S. and college to prepare students for a life spent virtually in public?
    * * Henry Jenkins touches on the global aspect of new media–how society may welcome new cultures as a reaction to their own parochialism or alternatively how dominant societies could homogenize world culture. As new technologies pull down walls between global cultures, what do you think will happen? Homogenization?  Domestic pride and fundamentalism? Increased production of cultural multiplicity?
    ** What qualities do technologies need to have in order for them to be used everyday?


  • Sign Up Sheet for next week’s show-and-tell (do not promise to give you the day you ask for but will try)
    MON: Abigail, Andrew, Alana/Melissa, Alayna/Lauren, Ashley, David, Jay/Bryan, Kaarin, Kyle, Natalie, Rachelle
    WED: Alisa, Ivan, Kathleen, Keala, Liz, Lizeth, Michelle, Tara, Yana
  • Reminder: due date finals week – blog post plus link to project (papers can be a stand-alone blog or a page/pages on your course blog)
  • Time permitting: installing a new theme in wordpress (self-hosted)
    * WordPress forum
    * Vimeo tutorial
    * Step-by-step


  • Remember: discussion leader reflections! See Ivan’s or Kathleen’s or  Natalie’s
  • Remember: categorize all blog posts!
  • Remember: navigation panel should include archives and pages – these may have “disappeared” after you added your Creative Commons license
  • Your final reading assignment! (note that there is also one more ExtraCredit reading)
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