week 10 readings

Reading summaries for the week (due 30 Nov at 9 am). Posts marked with (**) are recommended reads.

  1. Abigail – 2Qs – **
    How can we overcome the digital divide and bring access to information (power) to everyone?
  2. Alana – 2Qs
    From the 1990’s to now, what are some changes you have seen on news stations?
  3. Alayna – no post
  4. Alisa – no post
  5. Andrew
  6. Ashley – 2Qs
    What are some possible tactics American television viewers can use to try to make their opinions heard as to what programs are offered on TV?
  7. Bryan (video blog) – 2Qs
  8. David – 3 Qs – **
    If you ran a local TV station like King 5 or Komo 4, what would you cover for local news?
  9. Ivan – no post
  10. Jay – 3 qs
    How can a specific news source build their trust for you?
  11. Kaarin – No Q
  12. Kathleen – 4 Qs
    What classes (if any) were available in highschool that prepared you for creating content on the web? What did you not learn that put you at a disadvantage?
  13. Keala – no post
  14. Kyle – 3Qs
    What do we have to say about the irrelevance of local news today? How does Skoler’s view of the new media compare to yours?
  15. Lauren – no post
  16. Liz – many Qs – **
    * If people only pay for the obvious value they see, how much can the Internet demand? How accustomed are we to the idea that the Internet is free?
    * Henry Jenkins touches on the global aspect of new media–how society may welcome new cultures as a reaction to their own parochialism or alternatively how dominant societies could homogenize world culture. As new technologies pull down walls between global cultures, what do you think will happen? Homogenization?  Domestic pride and fundamentalism? Increased production of cultural multiplicity?
  17. Lizeth (closed questions)
  18. Melissa – noQs
  19. Michelle – 2Qs
    In what ways will the internet continue to be the place that connects people to one another?
  20. Natalie – noQs
  21. Rachelle – 2Qs
    What is the next step for journalism, What will social media do to effect their flow and distribution of the news?
  22. Tara – all Qs
    What qualities do certain technologies need to produce in order for a device to be used everyday?
  23. Yana – no post
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