week 10 – how technology shapes the world

Today’s Agenda

  • Crowdsourcing
  • What is the role of computer code in shaping social processes?
  • Posts to read: AbigaiDavid, Ivan
  • Technologies: smart phones, ubiquitous wifi


Discussion Leaders:

Ashley – Barack Obama
Note: How Obama Lost His Biggest Fan (MySpace controversy – 2007)

Kyle – Active Rain Realtor Network

Jay and Michelle
(joint)We Know Where You Sleep (privacy)


  • Update – last status report + wikipedia/delicious links
  • Tips – slideshow via slideshare (OhMyNom)
  • Tips – installing widgets in wordpress (self-hosted)
  • Reminder: due date finals week – blog post plus link to project (papers can be a stand-alone blog or a page/pages on your course blog)
  • Next week: show and tell – we’ll do half on Monday and half on Wednesday. Send me email by Tuesday if you have a preference.


  • Remember: discussion leader reflections! See Ivan’s or Kathleen’s or  Natalie’s
  • Remember: categorize all blog posts!
  • Remember: navigation panel should include archives and pages – these may have “disappeared” after you added your Creative Commons license
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