Week 8 – Wednesday

Today’s Agenda

  • What is the impact of NetVideo on entertainment and mainstream newspapers?
  • Technologies: YouTube, Blip.tv, Current.tv



Melissa – LinkedIn


[blip.tv ?posts_id=755336&dest=-1]

For lab/small group discussion

  • What are the primary differences, similarities in these hosting sites? Pluses/minuses?
  • How easy/difficult is it to embed a blip.tv or current.tv clip into a WordPress.com blog post?
  • As an information consumer, what do you like/dislike about online video?

Other resources:

For post-class lab:


  • Provide feedback on at least two of the blogs that have launched. Do so here — in a comment on this blog — or on the student project updates link.
  • IF you did not complete your project update (no link on project updates page), send me an email with an update, NLT Thursday at 9 am.
  • Next week’s discussion leaders: Alisa, Bryan, Ivan, Kathleen, Natalie
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  1. lizlantz

     /  18 November 2009

    Took a look at EmeraldBites. First impression: professional, and an interesting topic to any Seattle college student (good food on a short budget). Recommendations: check your work…”buon appetite” should be “bon appetite.” Also, make sure photos are oriented correctly before posting. :)

    Second site: Seattle Lingerie Blog. First reaction: Wow! Content! The “how to” on the bra fit was cute, to be sure. But the visual appeal needs some work…a higher res for the banner image would be great, and more pics throughout posts to draw me in (especially the more recent post…show me where you went, don’t just tell me!)

    Best of luck to both!

  2. For Tara’s portfolio featuring pictures she takes I really liked her blog! The picture at the top makes it stand out and I love looking at professional photos and the side bar with the pictures is a great way for viewers to see the types of pictures she takes right away.

    • I also looked at EmeraldBites, I also liked the pictures on the blogs of different food and how it gives you the information of the restaurants location, the time its open, etc. It is informative and good for people who want to know more about restaurant in Seattle.

  3. kaarino

     /  18 November 2009

    Cupcake Blog:
    Looks like a great start! Color scheme is great. Possible incorporating categories for the type of cupcakes you are reviewing will be helpful for readers to find the type they are looking for quickly. Something to get to once the blog gets rolling more!

    Lingerie Blog:
    Great way to start a blog with the basics to know about lingerie shopping, sizing, and popular stores. It would be great to embed pictures of the products you are featuring verses just hyper linking them. It will make it more eyecatching and help the viewer understand visually what products you are really passionate about!

    Great start guys!

  4. Reviewed Cupcake blog:
    Loved the funny and relevant video that was posted (watched all of it). As well I enjoyed the fact that the write up was short and sweet, just like it should be.

    As far as the design goes, I definitely like the pastel pink and blue and the cartoony font – very fitting for such a blog:)

    Reviewed Tara Slosberg Photography blog:

    I like the Flickr app on the side because I know that with WordPress given themes, its very difficult to customize it for photography images, so I appreciate the Flickr app. It would be nice to have the about page done, so that the visitors would know more about the blog user and look forward to the blog posts ahead:)

  5. Cupcake Blog- I left a post already on the blog itself, and I just want to repeat it here: I love it! The pictures are great and very appetizing, and it actually makes me interested in cupcakes. They’re not just tasty, they’re an artform. Great job!

    Emerald Bites- Maybe I’m just hungry, but I loved this blog too. It doesn’t have a lot of content yet, but I like the pics and the simple format. I wouldn’t want to be overloaded with food pics. Great job to you also!

  6. alanadg

     /  18 November 2009


    I loved the content, creativity and the photos on this blog. It was fun to read and I enjoyed reading through all the posts. I’m excited to see what these girls are going to do in their future post.

    Seattle Lingerie Blog
    I found this blog to be very entertaining and informative. I’m definitely going to follow this blog! One thing I would change about this blog is the font colors and the text. The topic of the blog is so creative and fun that I would expect the whole theme to follow the concept. Other than that..well done!

  7. tinydanser

     /  18 November 2009

    This is in response to the Cupcake blog. I love the infomercial, the guy doing the voiceover has almost a humorous tone in his voice. It definitely fits the “happy” topic of cupcakes. The blog at this point has really come to life and it is very appealing. The use of videos and the picture of you guys was an excellent way to appeal to the reader’s emotion and gives you guys credibility. The big top cupcake site is awesome.

  8. 1) I liked how the content that the The Seattle Lingerie Blog has. It provides the reader with the basics of lingerie and make it worth keeping up with updates now that readers have the essentials. Readers can apply previous post to future posts about the store reviews and extras which are categorized at the bottom of each post. She also offers different notions on what to think about when shopping. Her tone brings out her personality as well.

    2) The cupcake blog entitled “OH MY NOM” is catchy because I know that I “nom nom nom” is something I like to say when I comment about food or tweet about it. I like the colors that they used for the blog and the content they have so far is appropriate. Not only are they going to check out cupcake places and do reviews, but the video about a cupcake that feeds 8 is pretty funny. It just shows that they have other elements to their blog and brings personality. I ate a Tropy’s cupcake yesterday and it was oh so satisfying.

  9. pandrewh

     /  20 November 2009

    Regarding OHMYNOM.

    Can’t say how excited I am about this one guys. Good work already getting some content up there.

    How about this submission:

    Turkey cupcakes [via http://www.boingboing.net/2008/11/28/cute-turkey-cupcakes.html%5D

    Nit-picky critique: new font?

    • those turkey cupcakes are adorable! love them. the design is easy enough I think parents could bake these with their kids. thanks!

  10. pandrewh

     /  20 November 2009

    Regarding Emerald Bites:

    Looks slick! I like the theme and structure of the posts. Images are key.

    Remember, there are a million food blogs, keep driving what makes yours unique.

  11. ivanvukovic

     /  20 November 2009

    Emerald Bites: Love the simple, slick design and the way that the cluster of photos catches one’s eye. The fact that the reviews are driven by the author’s experiences and context rather than just systematically critiquing the restaurant is awesome too.

    Seattle Lingerie Blog: Could benefit from some pictures/other multimedia to make it more eye-catching, but ultimate the information is dense and engaging.

  12. Seattle Lingerie Blog: This blog has great content so far! I was wondering about the difficulty of finding continuous content but so far her posts are very relevant and helpful. The cross comparison in prices and styles was awesome and you could tell how much work she has to put in to develop her reviews. I would love to start seeing pictures, no matter what! The visual appeal will really help to bring users in. But other than that im excited to see what comes and I love the use of the Twitter account.

    Emerald Bites: A friend of mine has a blog very similar to this and thats where I got most of the inspiration to start my cupcake blog! The content is so relevant to those in the Seattle area and can really drive someone to go check out a local hot spot based on the reviews. I love trying new places and this blog has a great user-friendly layout with so much information including restaurant website, address, hours, prices and pictures. Great work!

  13. rymarbett

     /  21 November 2009

    Seattle Lingerie Blog: Having talked to Abigail about her lingerie blog when it was just a concept, it was great to see it started up. Her posts are helpful and interesting to read. I am excited to see what other posts she will have, but starting out with the basics to bra shopping was a great basis for the blog. Looking forward to visiting the site again for updates.
    Cupcake Blog: This blog looks great. The pictures and videos really add to the appeal of the blog. The lay out and colors scheme really work with the blog and makes it easy to read. Posts are short and to the point. I really enjoyed the use of the Twitter account for more quick cupcake updates.

  14. First Blog- Husky United Military Veterans (HUMV) the first thing that caught my attention is that this blog has got a very creative title. And after going through it this blog it is also very professional and easy to follow. The only issue is that it only has a few posts. But I think if he continues the format and everything he has done so far it will be a very successful blog.

    Second Blog- The UW Hillel blog is particularly cool for me because I am one of very few Jews in Seattle and even fewer at UW. I am always looking for stuff that’s going on at Hillel and this is a great place to find what’s going on. It will be a place where people can connect and talk about the events going on. In the future I hope the blog will not just post events but also topics about Judaism and related topic for people to discuss.


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