Week 8 – Project Update

Project update: the competition (or sources). Assignment details:

Project updates – Next due date (by Monday 16 Nov, 9 am)
** all projects: update on where you are re your timeline; everyone should have set up their external site – link to in
** all papers: annotated bibliography (blog post); prefer APA style; at least two scholarly sources, minimum six. Short statement on how each source might contribute to your paper. Papers will be 1400-1700 words and may include photos, charts, YouTube clips. Bibliography will not count towards word count.

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  1. alaynalim

     /  18 November 2009

    Wow…I’m so excited for Tara’s photography portfolio to unfold. I’m a photographer myself and really look forward to understanding her technique and browsing her creativity. I’m loving the simplicity of the blog design thus far. I think utilizing a blog for a portfolio is an amazing opportunity to very publicly showcase talent.

    Andrew’s project update is hilarious and I’m likewise anxious to see how his portfolio unfolds. I appreciate the honesty in his claims (i.e.: To establish an online presence, archive my work to be shared with others, blatant self-promotion, monopolize some webspace.) I think he’s a pretty tech savvy individual so I’m nearly positive his portfolio will be riveting.

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