week 8 – moving beyond the blog

Today’s Agenda

  • What is the impact of NetVideo on entertainment and mainstream newspapers?
  • Technologies: YouTube, Blip.tv, Current.tv


  • Project updates – Next due date (by Monday, 9 am)
    ** all projects: update on where you are re your timeline; everyone should have set up their external site – link to in
    ** all papers: annotated bibliography (blog post); prefer APA style; at least two scholarly sources, minimum six. Short statement on how each source might contribute to your paper. Papers will be 1400-1700 words and may include photos, charts, YouTube clips. Bibliography will not count towards word count.
  • Wednesday – post-class, WordPress lab (put software on your UW sever so that you can experiment with themes, CSS, widgets)


Alayna – SoundCloud

David – Podcasting


Keala – Brightkite

Melissa – LinkedIn

Rachelle – Verified Accounts


[blip.tv ?posts_id=755336&dest=-1]

For lab/small group discussion

  • What are the primary differences, similarities in these hosting sites? Pluses/minuses?
  • How easy/difficult is it to embed a clip into a WordPress.com blog post?
  • As an information consumer, what do you like/dislike about online video?

Other resources:


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  1. pandrewh

     /  16 November 2009

    Great presentations all around….kudos!


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