week 7 readings

Reading summaries for the week. Posts marked with (**) are recommended reads.

  1. Abigail
    * How do you see media convergence helping newspapers? How do you see it hurting newspapers?
    * How do you see online advertising effecting the quality of the work in the newspapers?
  2. Alana
    * What are some pros and cons to traditional marketing?
    * What other ways can journalist do in order to capture attention from the readers?
  3. Alayna ** (EC)
    * In what ways do you think blending mediums of the media is advantageous and/or disadventageous?
    * In what ways do you think journalists/publications can increase and enhance readership?
  4. Alisa
    * How effective do you believe news on youtube will be toward its targeted audience?
    * What are positive & negative aspects of news on youtube?
  5. Andrew
    * To what extent can newspaper content be complimented by Youtube video?
  6. Ashley **
    * Why did you find the YouTube clips either more or less appealing than a printed news article?
    * There are so many ways to get news these days, why do you prefer the method you use for obtaining news?
  7. Bryan (short)
    * What do you think will eventually replace the T.V. and internet as the primary news source?
    * What can newspapers do to stay relevant in the world today?
  8. David **
    * In what ways can YouTube help newspapers make profits?
    * What other ways (besides video teasers) can newspapers use to drive up readership?
    * What does hyping a certain story, like eerie music for the murderers who are on parole, due to the credibility of the article?
  9. Ivan
  10. Jay (EC)
  11. Kaarin (EC)
    * How will the internal factors of a news organization change as it moves to an online only format?
    * Why is it that we are so drawn to the action of news videos versus reading the story in a newspaper?
  12. Kathleen
    * How have the Media organizations changed their content to appeal to the younger generation of viewers?
    * What are some examples of news organizations that utilize emerging digital technologies to their best advantage?
  13. Keala
    * What role will YouTube play in the future of print media?
    * How has YouTube already changed our print media culture?
  14. Kyle
    * How can we use what we’ve seen so far with the movement to online and video previews for newspapers etc to predict what might happen to traditional forms of media in the next ten years?
    * What kinds of things would we as students like to see happen to make sure that traditional forms of media are still available?
    * How important do you think radio and newspaper are to other college students in Seattle and across the country?
  15. Lauren
  16. Liz **
    * If journalism seeks to maintain professional standards, then how appropriate are “trailer” video clips to promote news coverage?
    * In the OJR article, a news editor envisions that workers will need to develop new skills to understand news distribution on the web, and new jobs like “traffic acquisition manager” will come into being. What other news jobs are being created as a result of the chaotic online market?
  17. Lizeth ** (EC)
    * What strategies can the creators of the videos featured on the article use to increase the number of viewers and thus increase the traffic to their website?
    * How could statistics technologies, such as Google Analytics, help to improve the flow of users to the newspaper websites?
  18. Melissa (belated happy birthday!)
  19. Michelle ** (EC)
    * How will Politifact impact other websites such as blogs, in the sense of making sure the information is correct?
    * In what ways will this technique of checking facts change the internet world?
  20. Natalie **
    * What kind of products or media can most benefit from marketing on YouTube or other sites like YouTube?
    * What are some of the YouTube sensation videos? Discuss how they have evolved in their market or how is has lead to success for the creators.
  21. Rachelle – closed ended questions
  22. Tara
  23. Yana
    * If newspapers continue to converge, like they display in this situation, how else are they going to try to win the attention of a younger, internet savvy population?
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