week 7 – beyond text

This Week’s Topics:

  • Using and images (yours and those produced by others)
  • Technologies: flickr

Today’s Agenda

  • Discussion: YouTube, Flickr and text integration
  • Creative Commons (lab)
  • Projects/Assignments


Discussion leader reflections, weeks 1 and 2 – if you’re not linked here, please “reflect” by Wednesday


youtube-flickr (ppt)



  • Everyone has not produced a project timeline
  • All projects are due finals week; we’ll have “show and tell” our last week of class
  • All projects will be published online: either as a stand-alone site or as a page on your course blog. All projects will be discoverable via a blog post that provides highlights and a link to the project. These posts are due Monday, 14 December at 3.30 pm (when our class would conclude, were we to have class that week).
  • Retroactively (by Wed): please categorize all blog posts related to your project as “project” rather than ‘assignment’ (Kathy -> demo quick edit)
  • Next due date (by Monday, 9 am):
    ** all projects: update on where you are re your timeline; everyone should have set up their external site – link to in
    ** all papers: annotated bibliography (blog post); prefer APA style; at least two scholarly sources, minimum six. Short statement on how each source might contribute to your paper. Papers will be 1400-1700 words and may include photos, charts, YouTube clips. Bibliography will not count towards word count.
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  1. Teasers
    – may not be effective but still useful
    – highly effective as promo but question usefulness after story breaks
    – teasers effective if designed for youtube audience (know your audience!!)
    – pointing out what they can’t offer (form)

    – newspapers need to embrace their new role (paper not electrons)
    – having content in multiple channels (“ads”) necessary
    – time required to create multimedia
    – optional reading on UGC – videos are most consumed media but blogs are most produced
    – prefer 7,000 word article than a 2 minute video preceded by advertising

    How to get your attention?
    – creativity
    – attractive website
    – short attention spans (rss feed -> google reader rocks!)
    – online I prefer written word, local news that is flash-in-the-pan is ok on TV
    – a lot of drawbacks to online videos includes sound in public space
    – upside of articles on line is more detail


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