week 6 – Wednesday

This Week’s Topics:

  • Ethics, copyright and other laws
  • Should bloggers adhere to a code of ethics?
  • Technologies: Facebook, Creative Commons License

Today’s Agenda:


  • Remember: properly credit any photos, illustrations, etc. embedded in your blog posts
  • Copyright update

Discussion Leaders This Week





  • For next week – no discussion leaders – Wed is a holiday
  • Reading (Monday)
  • Projects (Fri)
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  1. Tips on effective persuasive post:

    (1) Don’t be declarative – be persuasive and have a call to action

    (2) Maintain focus

    (3) Do not introduce new material in the conclusion

    (4) Use statistics for evidence/credibility

    (5) Link to source, evidence, example – direct link not home page of site

    (6) Tell a story, hook emotion of reader

    (7) Provide context – why is it important

    (8) Need controversy

    (9) Subheads and bullet points for readability

    (10) Clear linkage between examples and goal of the article

    (11) Address opposition in the piece

    (12) Consider appropriate illustrations (screen captures, charts, photos, etc)


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