Week 5 Questions

This week’s readings/questions:

  1. Abigail
    Question one: How do you think the more mature Facebook users use it differently?
    Question two: What are the specific problems you come across by having a large number of friends on Facebook?
  2. Alana
    “social networks ‘will be like air. They will be anywhere and everywhere we need and want them to be’.”
    * How would you feel if all social networks open their walls and connected with other networks?
    * How would you think [restrict(ing) social networks to certain ages] would change social networks and the way of communication?
  3. Alayna NQ
  4. Alisa
    * What are some positive and negative aspects of facebook?
    * With communication technology rapidly advancing, what positive and negative outcomes can come out of these advancements?
  5. Andrew
    * What makes someone a “journalist?” Is it simply the capability to publish, which is now enjoyed by anyone with Internet access?
    * What kind of assumptions and risks do audiences take in relying on amateur journalism? How do these risks and assumptions compare to those embedded in professional news organizations?
  6. Ashley
    * In the future what role do you see blogs playing in the press and news reporting?
    * What influence do you think blogs have had in the world of politics?
  7. Bryan
    * What do you think the next great social networking tool will look like?
    * What do you think will happen to professional journalism in the next decade?
  8. David
    * How will newspapers (or news form Internet) distribute information in the future and how will they make money doing it?
    * What are the upsides and downsides to online newspapers like the Seattle PI or Crosscut.com?
  9. Ivan NQ
  10. Jay
    * what do you think about those college students that delete their Facebook accounts when they graduate from college?
    * How long will you hold on to your Facebook account?
    * How will this effect the Facebook user numbers when people decide that they have to let Facebook go at some point?
  11. Kaarin
    * With the growing amount of self-published content on the internet, how will we prioritize what is the most important news in our world?
    *How should we now determine if someone is a professional journalist or photographer?
  12. Kathleen
    * What other occupations other than journalists are being made less scarce by advances in technology?
    * What are the benefits of having more of the contemporary journalists such as bloggers and twitterers rather than the the more traditional journalists?
  13. Keala NQ
  14. Kyle
    * How do we feel about the new spin on media distribution and how could we argue that new social media is better for consumers?
    * What can we say about the quality of the information we receive today?
  15. Lauren  – no post
  16. Liz
    * How much does [walled news sites] inconvenience you?
    * After reading Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody and his discussion of email “publishing,” how do you think your email habits will change?
    * Given the growth of Facebook to all corners of the world, as seen in the O’Reilly Radar article, how reliable is Facebook as a news source? Why should (or shouldn’t) it be utilized for news stories?
  17. Lizeth
    * Why could the number of Facebook users age 45 and older be increasing so rapidly?
  18. Melissa
    * How has your outlook on what it means to be a “professional” changed?
    *How would you feel if Facebook started limiting the time you can be “active” on the site?
  19. Michelle
    * How will [the internet] affect the job market in the coming years if most of things people do is now online?
    * And how will the age of facebook users change throughout the years?
  20. Natalie
    * What do you think compels people (mostly students) to spend copious amounts of time on facebook?
    * How do you feel about newspapers going all online? Do you think that all will at some point or that some will stick around and why?
  21. Rachelle
    * How would [a blogging degree] change new journalism and weblogs?
    *What do you think is the greatest appeal of Facebook? Do people of all ages use it for the same reason?
  22. Tara
    * How does the impact of advertisements on smaller social network sites compare with those on Facebook?
    * What would cause Facebook to become the sole leader of online advertising? How effective are Facebook advertisements compared to links and ads on regular website pages?
  23. Yana
    * But just like the Printing Press created problems for some in society and just like the television disturbed the radio lovers, what are some of the ways in which the Internet is stirring up tension and could keep some from fully embracing it and the change that follows it?
    * How have you abandoned more traditional ways of receiving certain information and communicating, now that the Internet is at your fingertips?
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