Week 4 – Project Ideas

Here are your project ideas for the quarter!

  1. Abigail – new blog about lingerie in Seattle or a paper
  2. Alana
  3. Alayna – “sweet treats” (cupcakes blog)
  4. Alisa – University Sales Club blog site or paper on Facebook promotion
  5. Andrew – portfolio, rework snowboard site, new music blog
  6. Ashley – paper on Twitter and celebrities
  7. Bryan
  8. David – site for student organization (HUMV) or portfolio
  9. Ivan
  10. Jay
  11. Kaarin – portfolio or research into online advertising
  12. Kathleen
  13. Keala
  14. Kyle – how real estate professionals are using social media or video on how/why to blog
  15. Lauren – “sweet treats” (cupcakes blog)
  16. Liz – (great headline and image) research project (several ideas)
  17. Lizeth – research on texting or Photoshop/images/beauty
  18. Melissa
  19. Michelle – research Facebook and politics or iPhone use by organizations
  20. Natalie – video about campus safety (how to link to class themes?) or research on Facebook or Twitter
  21. Rachelle
  22. Tara
  23. Yana
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