week 4 – organizational communication in a digital world

This Week’s Topics:

  • Why are politicians and governments on the Web?
  • Why are businesses and non-profit organizations on the Web?
  • How are digital publics different from traditional media publics?
  • Technologies: “tags” (folksonomy), Twitter

Today’s Agenda:

  • Discuss readings
  • Lab: deconstruct a URL, demo hyperlink
  • Lab: the about page
  • Small groups Wed : more design discussion (design posts)
  • Multimedia:
    • Gaia – The Future of Politics (via Abigail)
    • What Is Twitter (via Alisa)


  • Wednesday’s YouTube embeds
  • Discussion Leaders: Group 1 next week – Abigail, Bryan, Lauren, Liz,  Yana
  • Project: by Wednesday, create a blog post with two or three ideas of what you might want to do as a project; if you are working with another student (or students), collaborate, but each person should write their own post
  • Remember your comment log!

Reading Discussion

  • Your Questions:
    * How could our class create a blog space [or YouTube clip] so powerful to be seen on national news as the video of Hilary Clinton was?
    * What impact did the internet but more specifically blogs play in who you voted for in the 2008 elections?
    * To what extent has the Internet increased consumer knowledge and activism? At what costs?
    * In the age of Tivo and Hulu, how can companies advertise without consumers fast forwarding or tuning out their message?
    * [If blogs have] little impact on voting behavior… what do you think Netroots and other sources do for the political world?
  • Should internet access be a legal right?
  • Understanding your telephone bill
  • Balloon Boy (Twitter search)


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  1. Comments on “internet access as human right”

    (1) in the US, “right” currently exists because of public libraries
    (2) if you pay for everyone’s internet, isn’t tv just as important?


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