week 3 – wednesday

This Week’s Topics:

  • Why are newspapers and broadcast outlets on the Web?
  • How are digital technologies changing how consumers get news and opinion?
  • Technologies: GoogleMaps, Flash

Today’s Agenda:

  • The analytical post
  • Lab: blog design part two
  • Multimedia:
    • What Is Flash?
    • YouTube “higher quality” video

The Analytical Post


  • Adobe Flash exercise: Find a YouTube clip related to course material; embed in a blog post; categorize as assignment; due at the end of today’s class (in-class assignment does not count towards subject matter post).
  • Design Analysis
    Examine the theme choices for the two people “above” and “below” your name on the student list. What are the similarities and differences in the designs? How easy is it to read the posts? Why? Which theme (design) do you like the best and why? Be sure to link to each of the four blogs! Next week, we’ll talk more about design principles. Due at the end of the “week”; this is your subject matter post for the week .



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