Wednesday’s YouTube Embeds

Your YouTube clip assignment from today’s class:

  1. AbigailCollective Knowledge Is The New Politics
  2. AlaynaSocial media like you’ve never seen it before
  3. AlisaWhat Is Twitter?
  4. AndrewPeople Care What I Think
  5. Ashley JamesonUse Twitter To Promote Your Blog
  6. Bryan WeiserTwitter for Dummies
  7. David BaydekSNL Influencing the 2008 Election
  8. JayLearn How To Make Extra Cash Blogging
  9. Kaarin  OlsenHow To Twitter
  10. KathleenTop Three Blogging Tips
  11. KealaCreate A Grassroots Movement Using Social Networking
  12. KyleTarget Traffic For Your Blog Using Spin Success
  13. LaurenMicroblogging For Dummies
  14. LizNeanderthals, Al Gore, and taxis…oh my
  15. LizethiPhone Soup
  16. Melissa Twitter Twitter Zombie
  17. MichelleBlog Action Day
  18. NatalieEveryone Has That One Friend …
  19. RachelleTwitter 101
  20. TaraWho’s Lookin’ At Your Blog?
  21. YanaSo THAT’S How Podcasting Works
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