week 3 – journalism in a digital world

This Week’s Topics:

  • Why are newspapers and broadcast outlets on the Web?
  • How are digital technologies changing how consumers get news and opinion?
  • Technologies: GoogleMaps, Flash

Today’s Agenda:

  • Housekeeping: a short-form link post is (a) short and (b) usually one link.
  • Discuss readings (your questions)
  • Lab: blog design
  • Lab: how to embed a YouTube clip
  • Multimedia:
    • EPIC 2015

Reading Discussion

  • PPTX, Slideshare
  • Your Questions:
    1) How do you think the demand for personal, in-the-moment news could change the quality of news?
    2) In what ways do you think witness reporting blogging is more beneficial than a typical blog?
    3) Considering there has been a cycle in American history of news going from small scattered sources (19th century) to major corporate sources (20th century) to once again smaller and more diverse sources (21st), what, if anything, could cause the eventual demise of blog-style reporting?
    4) What are some blogging sites that you have personally used that you would consider quality news? Why?
    5) What are the benefits of allowing individuals to comment on articles online? What are the drawbacks?


  • Google Maps and the San Diego fires
  • Demonstrate theme selection
    Dashboard -> Appearance -> Themes
  • Demonstrate YouTube embed code
  • For Wednesday: customize your blog theme (change from default) if you have not already done so. Keep readability in mind (dark type on light background) and if your blog is hard to read now, change it!


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